Something to Chew On

The Cheese Board Picker

His name was Sam.  He was a thin, lanky guy whose arms swayed like low hanging tree branches around his narrow chest.  He sported his hair perfectly disheveled, and donned well-worn converse sneakers.  And, in my cocktail-induced stupor he was—soooo charming.  He leaned in close in the crowded bar, and whispered sweet-nothings about physics and the state… Continue reading The Cheese Board Picker

Sweet Stuff

Apple Crumble Bars

The leaves are beginning to change here–their color giving way to burnt reds, golden yellows and various shades of copper.  I stand at my kitchen window and watch them blow across my yard, nestling into the crevices of tree trunks and the tangles of my wilting hosta plants before being whisked away in the autumn wind, which… Continue reading Apple Crumble Bars

Something to Chew On

Recipes and Reveries

Hey there.  I’m Leah.  Welcome to tiny kitchen reverie.  Pull up a chair. Having subsisted on subpar cafeteria food for four years too many during my undergraduate years, I was starved of the opportunity to create by oven and stove.  This, of course, fueled my cravings to do just that.  Once settled in my first apartment,… Continue reading Recipes and Reveries